Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Man Alive, It Was Grim.

Know what I have a hate on for? The Norwalk Virus.

Norwalk and I had a tango on Sunday. One of my housemates was sick early all Saturday morning, but we thought it was food poisoning, so maybe I didn't take all the precautions I could have.

By late Sunday morning, I was dizzy and weak, but it was in the afternoon that it all let go and my body started to voilently reject all the fluids it held.

It was bad for about 8 hours, and then I slept my face off. I can't believe how much it took out of me, though. Having a much-needed shower on Monday winded me, and putting my pajamas in the washer made me have to nap.

I think today, three full days later, I'm feeling almost 100%, and I think I have an appetite again. I've been psychotically thirsty for three days, interspersed with strange pastrami cravings. (?)

I have heard stories of Norwalk on cruise ships. That's horrifying. Horrifying!


Holly said...

Yes. Makes me really, really hope those cruise ships have ample bathrooms and waste disposal processes.

I hope you feel better. Don't over do it. Get a little fresh air, but don't trudge around all day and exhaust yourself. Sleep, eat, drink lots, and stay comfy.

Glad it's over for you, though - that stuff is nasty.

Tad said...

Babe! I had no idea it was so bad! I hope you're doing better...

Catherine said...

Tad, it was WORSE. I spared you all the truly terrifying details.

Rosey said...

Oh Catherine, I'm sorry! I hope you're feeling completely better by now. It's been going around at the Mount too.

Anonymous said...

I had Norwalk about 5 years ago and it was truly the sickest I've ever been -- it was hellish. I quite literally stayed in the bathroom for about 12 hours straight. Nasty. I'm glad you're on the mend. Drink the water that your body is craving!