Thursday, November 20, 2008

Finger Lickin' Good.


Ok, so I signed up with a temp agency. Last week I was like a switchboard wench at Nelvana, which I'm pretty sure is the animation studio behind the genius of the Care Bears. It was ok.

Now, I've got eight days at... um... A chicken murdering plant. It's a poultry plant, and as I walk to work in the office, I have to walk by trucks of very alive chickens drawing their last breaths. Outside the plant, the smell is straight-up narsty. It's like a small butcher that's too busy to clean up chum. I can't believe there are homes downwind. I'm barf myself to sleep every night.

The office doesn't smell at all. Amongst other things, I have to make sure the supervisors get messages from floor workers if they called in to say they wouldn't be coming to work, then there's data entry to say how long the machines were shut down each day. The records go back to August, and they're slowly being entered. I mean, since there's nothing else to do, I have to make that data entry stretch over the next week, so I'm slowly entering it.

Oh, how I dream of a job where I'm challenged and learning things (other than how to transfer calls) and feel like I'm helping, but not complicit in the murder of birds.

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