Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vampire Day Nears...

Canadian Blood Services has put out a call for blood.

Apparently the reserves are dwindling so low, surgeries are going to have to be postponed.

I know I like to talk about donating blood, and it's even been recently that I've donated, so I don't want to appear to rant about this.

If you feel you can't donate, or know you can't donate, ask your friends if they can. If they need support, go with them.

CBS estimates that half of Canadians are eligable to donate blood, but less than 2 per cent do.

I'm not eligable to donate until the 25th of November, but then, I'm going to start donating platelets, which will allow me to donate more often. I'm nervous about the process, but glad I'll be able to increase my donations fourfold!

Note: Phlebologists are generally much better looking than this dude.


Rosey said...

Thanks to your post I called and made an appointment for next Wednesday. Good job Catherine!

Catherine said...

Really?! Good for you! I'm proud of you! Good luck!

Marilyn said...

Me to Fern! Appointment for next Thursday. The lady at CBS said their phones had been ringing off the hook all day. It was on the CBC website so hopefully the word is out!

Catherine said...

Superstar! Yes, I hope the CBC coverage helps. And, of course, the Church of Catherine rallies!