Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So I'm A Little Farther East...

Baby steps home to PEI!

In an epic 6-round-trip night, my housemates and I moved everything out of our sick, dark, moldy, douchy landlord house into our new house, clear across town.

We're so glad to have left. Me, especially, since when we moved my giant wardrobe, we found that the wall and the back panel of the wardrobe was moldy. I had mold in my room for who-knows-how-long and I didn't even know! The panel is now out back, and I have to go to a hardware store today to buy new bracings of some sort.

I'm a handigirl! I like fixing stuff and putting things together. I like hammering and wrenching and gluing and clamping.

Anyhow, I like the brightness of the new house. The cat doesn't know what to do with himself - there are too many windows to sit in! I feel like we've come up from a basement apartment, but really, our old house was just so dark, we barely saw the light of day.

As we moved in, we met two of our new neighbours, which is amazing to us. We never spoke to the old Portugese lady who lived next door at the old place, and the only other neighbours we spoke to yelled at us about our garbage. Too bad the wall we're attached to the other house by is paper-thin, so if we can hear her incessant piano scales and arpeggios, surely she can hear our screeches of laughter. We also met our backyard neighbour and his foot-high-mohawked son, who was quiet and polite.

We've all commented that it feels more like home (the Maritimes) here, but we feel more connected to the city, too. We can see the streetcars from our step, and we're only a short walk to the coveted Beaches neighbourhood of Toronto. everyone keeps pooping their pants over that area - I'll have to go explore it.

Anyhow, our very handsome and congenial landlord is coming over tomorrow to look at our wonky windows and inactive dishwasher, so I should go give myself a facial and tidy up a little more. We're still all boxed in, but things are slowing finding their own places.


Laura said...

...and just that much farther away from Hamilton.

Catherine said...


Erin said...

Are you in the "Upper Beaches"/East York area? I've been told I should consider that neighbourhood, that it is a "warmer" area and that it has lots of gorgeous parks as well.

I just found a notice slipped under my door in my North York apartment building -- the want to spray all units for "cockroaches" (OMG) and I have to empty out all cupboards in advance. I have GOT to move!