Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Now You Can All Dine Like Damn Hell Ass Kings.

I want to share with you all one of my favourite meals.

It is called... wait for it...

Rice, Bean & Corn

Oh, Rice, Bean & Corn, I love you.

This is the tastiest, easiest, and cheapest meal you will ever prepare.

Here you go:

Prepare 1 cup of instant rice
mix in one can of rinced black beans,
one can of drained corn niblets,
and one package of taco seasoning (regular or salt reduced is fine)

Um. That's it.

You can get no-name rice. You can get no-name black beans. You SHOULD get good corn and taco mix, i.e. Green Giant and Old El Paso.


<$1.49 for the mix
c.$.70 for the beans
c.$1.50 for the corn
<$.50 for the rice.

For about 4 bucks, you can have 4-6 servings of deliciousness.

It is so delicious, in fact, that my housemate B once ate an entire batch of it after he came home drunk. How he didn't have an assplosion, I will never know.

You can wrap it in a tortilla with some cheddar. You can add some salsa or salsa con queso for kick. You can add a pack of browned ground round (soy meat) to stretch it. You can put more rice in to stretch it, too. I've never tried real meat in it, but it would probably be pretty tasty (RBC con carne). It would probably be great with some cilantro, too, but I've not yet tried that.

Chez nous, our favourite thing to do is to wrap it in a tortilla and brown it on the panini press. (If you have an old George Foreman, it'll do the trick, too.)


Holly said...

I can testify to the deliciousness of this.

Mitch said...

I'll try it for sure!

Oh, and Catherine... I love that you said "assplosion!"