Friday, September 19, 2008

The Job Hunt; The House Hunt.

My housemates and I were heartbroken this week after we saw the perfect house at the perfect price in the perfect neighbourhood, only to find out that a single family were chosen over us by the owners.

We are now, no joke, burning candles hoping something falls through with that family and they ask us to take the place. I don't know who/what those flames are exhorting, but it's worth a try.

My housemates and I are a little cheesed off at the poor financial planning of this usurping family. They shouldn't be signing up to rent a house! They should buy a house, pay the mortgage, and at least have some collateral. It's the family thing to do!

Renting is for sad singles, with the folly of disposable income.

Die Zweistens Jagd: Arbeit!

The job hunt is not great. I guess it is, but it's just slow-developing.

I know that this is a transitional time in my life, and I'm going to look back at it as very brief, but since I'm stuck in the middle of it right now, it's hard not to panic.

Should I apply for that job stocking shelves? Should I apply for that retail job?

Probably, but I'm not gonna.

I'm going to talk to Mel about her temp place and see what might come of that. Maybe they'll be happy to see someone with my weird and wonderful background.


Holly said...

I'm a "family," and I rent... An Apartment, even. I'm a little cheesed off, myself.

Catherine said...

I figured you'd respond to that statement.
Of course you're a family. No need for quotes.
All I'm saying is, if this family (of 2,3,4, etc.) can afford $2500 a month in rent for a 4-br full house, it should consider investing that money in something they actually own, instead of just giving it to someone else.

Anonymous said...

Owning a house is not always an 'investment', except in a traditional economic sense. There are those of us, families even, who do not want to own. What else do you do with your money besides give it to someone else? I hope the house I now rent is not the same one to which you are referring...

I wish you much luck with both hunts. Beware of fortune cookies!

Catherine said...

Jesus. Have I hit a nerve.

Yes, perhaps you are the new renter of the house we wanted. If you're moving into a house in the west end of Toronto on the 1st of November, think about giving up that house. You can do better.

And yeah, I am talking about a traditional economic sense.

And of course the point of money is to give it to other people, but not altruistically. I'm not renting because I want to keep my landlord in business, I'm renting because I want shelter and I'm not financially stable enough to buy a place on my own.

If you are part of the population that excludes itself, for whatever reason, from the generally accepted financial planning rule that it is better to own than to rent, please, everyone, keep in mind that I speak in generalizations.