Saturday, August 30, 2008



It has been confirmed to me that the subject of Monday's post is, indeed, not interested in making babies with me (or any of my sisters), unless it were in some sort of surrogate fashion.

One of my aforementioned gay boyfriends has seen him out at clubs.

BUT: after discussing my quandry [could I put a gay man on my husband list, or is it disrespectful], my gay bf du jour assures me that it's kosher because my list is a fantasy list with men who have qualities that I someday hope to find in a partner. It's fairly clear that I don't actually plan to marry these men, as if Ryan Reynolds would whisk me away if I met him.

Also, a good lesbian friend told me that her wife list is made up of a lot of straight women, and we can't control the orientation of those we have crushes on.

After sorting out this whole dilemma, I know for sure: I don't know any straight people.


mel said...

Straight is soooo 20th century.

Catherine said...

So it would appear.