Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Toothsome Journeys.

I'm back in Toronto, and back to sitting in front of the computer for some time each day, so you should expect some better updating.

Here is a quick outline of the goodness I ate and didn't eat in the last two months.

I could eat these two up!

-beautiful fresh cod in Glovertown (top of the list because it was the freshest, most perfectly done cod I'd ever had)
-lassy (molasses) buns in Glovertown
-fish and brewis in Glovertown (yes, with scruncheons!)
-pan-fried cod tongues in Glovertown
-caplin in Glovertown
-prosciutto and melon in Riva Del Garda
-Limoncello in London (!)
-Katjes Kinder in Germany (Mit Calcium + Eisen!)
-self-picked blueberries and raspberries in Glovertown
-my mother's home cooking/baking, including her bread, in Stratford
-Family-style 4-pasta dish in New York City
-Burrito and pitcher of margaritas in New York City
-my first gelato in Venice (and my second, about an hour later)
-a cornish pasty at a market in London
-Wedgies in Glovertown (seasoned potato wedges, regionally called wedgies)
-The Gahan House's nachoes in Charlottetown
-Atlantic Smoked Salmon in Stratford
-Multiple Double Deckers in London
-self-harvested chanterelle mushrooms, which we cooked in a rice pilaf
-chocolate in Switzerland (and Toronto, and Stratford, after I brought home 400kgs)
-Jaegerschniztel in Nurenburg
-street pretzels in Cologne
-Beer, beer, beer, in all of the above

I DIDN'T EAT (not much! zing!):
-Frosty Treat, Frosty Treat; Place so nice you say it twice
-Ashley's trail mix
-Rosey's mother's crack cake


Rosey said...

I can't wait to tell my mom The Cake made it onto your blog! I guess I'll have to see about getting you some of that tasty, tasty chocolate crack.

Catherine said...

Oh, yes: The Cake made it. I've only had it once, and it was worth all the hype.