Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer Lovin'.

Warning: I am about to get very juvenile. I have resigned myself to the fact that there is no dignity involved in my reaction to Adam Levine, so I'm going to run with it.

My housemate L had to talk me going to an outdoor concert last night. I didn't want to go (despite the stellar Sara Bareilles/Counting Crows/Maroon 5 triple bill) because I was bitter about Ticketmaster being a world of douche. Our $28 tickets came to $42 after all the bullshit charges. What are they, fucking Air Canada? What the fuck surcharges are they levying? Am I underestimating how much cocaine the CEOs at Ticketmaster can hoover?

It was very autumnal yesterday, but warm. I wore a thin scoop-neck tee and cotton pants (sailor front - me likey). I met L, who is working at the Exhibition in a beaver mascot costume (don't worry; we haven't missed out on the sweaty beaver comments), and we walked in every direction but the right one to find the Molson Amphitheatre. It seemed that every employee at the Ex had his/her head permanently performing a self-colonoscopy, so it was almost by chance that we found the place at all.

We had lawn tickets, which I was kinda ok with before I looked down to see a tiny speck of Sara Bareilles performing (early, for some reason...). My camera has digital zoom, so I got some pictures that turned out pretty ok, when people weren't walking in front of us, or when the rednecks behind us weren't drunkenly using the back of my chair to hoist themselves up from their blanket.

Sara Bareilles was very good. She was at the piano, and her voice is clear and strong. I recognised some of her songs, but I'm at a bit of a disadvantage since I don't listen to a lot of commercial radio. L is a big fan, so that she started early and we missed some of her set was a disappointment. (Who ever starts early?) She ended her set with the Beatles' "Oh! Darling" It was fine, but I've got problems listening to covers of the Beatles. If it ain't broke, you know?

The Counting Crows were up next. They are only peripherally on my radar, and I didn't really take them seriously. They were, however, fantastic. If I ever have a chance to see them again, I will jump at it. The lead singer (Adam Duritz) was animated and seemed to be exuding joy, which is infectious and inspiring.

I thought he looked like a bearded, dreadlocked, more casual version of Robert Downey, Jr., or, a slimmer version of Kevin Smith (w/ dreads). He also gave a nice speech at the end encouraging people to volunteer locally if the problems of the world seem too big to tackle.

They sang lots of songs I knew, and more I didn't know but would like to be more familiar with. They didn't sing "Accidentally in Love," which is one of my favourite songs to play with Duke.

By now, the sun was dipping down. The sunset lit up the CN Tower to the east, and BMO Field where the Toronto FC plays was all empty and in shadow to the west. I was comfortable until the sun went down, and then then the goosebumps set in. L complained a lot about how cold she was, as is her way. She's adorable. I had the scarf I wrap around Duke, so I warmed up with that.

Then Maroon 5 came out.

Then I soiled myself.

Suddenly sympathetic with those teenagers during Beatlemania, I sat, mesmerized and spontaneously ovulating.

I do not like using the word "hot" to describe a man. I don't think it's very dignified, illustrative, or specific, and it's too subjective.

BUT: there is nothing else for it.

Adam Levine is hot.

Smoking hot.

Ragingly hot.

Besides that, Maroon 5 is excellent live. Levine's vocals are spot on, and I am officially going to crown him king of modern falsetto.

I was trying to document the show, so I had one eye on the viewfinder, and one eye on the stage. (This, by the way, was effective on two fronts: I could see the wide view of the stage and what I was taking pictures of, thereby sending my brain not one, but two images of Adam Levine.)

They sang every song I wanted to hear but "I Won't Go Home Without You." They chose from both albums, and added in Chris Isaac's (the deposed king of falsetto) "Wicked Game," which I was underwhelmed by. My favourite, was "Sunday Morning," which sounds so unbelievably good on Duke, it has worked its way up my list of all-time favourite songs.

One complaint: Adam Levine wore a plain white tee, which made him visible to the naked eye, but made my camera overexpose him in a halo of glare in most of my pictures. Plus, it didn't cover his tattoos, whch are expanding and of which I am not a fan (therefore, please: in the future, stick with the slim-cut suits!).

The upshot is, I'm pregnant.


boots586 said...

So did you check him out on YouTube? Great live videos.

Catherine said...

Uh, yeah... I had considered that. In fact, I'm loading up some of my own. Posted soon.

Holly said...

I don't remember concerts being involved when I got preggers... Maybe that extra fee on Ticket Masters is for special prophylactic measures.