Monday, August 25, 2008

Like I Need Another Gay Boyfriend...

This last weekend, I started a whirlwind summer fling.

Now, before your toes start curling, I'm pretty sure my new flame is a flamer, so don't get too excited.

I started watching "The After Show" on MTV Canada.

The "After" part refers to the fact that it follows the show "The Hills," which, as far as I can tell, is a terrible, terrible, show. It's about bikini-clad, forever made-up, Hollywood Hills 20-somethings who discuss the states of their friendships and who's feuding with whom. It is also the kind of show that can easily suck in the unwary, so I have vowed to never watch it.

Happily, "The After Show" only minimally discusses "The Hills" in each show, and then moves on to other pop culture fare. I had sworn off most pop culture as saccharine BS, but the two hosts of "The After Show" are so charming, funny, and honest, it's difficult not to be entertained.

For a long time, I regarded the new-to-the-Canadian-scene MTV with scorn, since its long-established American counterpart is less music and more trash TV. Also, out of loyalty to Much Music, I didn't give much thought to MTV. Now, however, since Much has slipped at an alarming pace into endless reruns of cheap pseudo-celebrity "reality" drivel programming like "Girlicious," and their VJs make me want to pull out my hair, my loyalty is shot.

"The After Show" has caught my attention, and, with it, a new potential member of the Husband List? My problem is, never before have I included a husband on my illustrious list that is so camp. No - he's not camp. He's playful but understated; informed and not boorish. I'm talking about Dan Levy.

Dan is the bespectacled young man whose soft-spoken wit and hipster-geek styling has caught my attention. But: I think I'm slightly broken. Two of my closest friends are gay, and that may be prejudicing me. My gaydar is not good, but there are too many clues to make me think my Dear Dan is gay.

Since my gaydar is so bad and I've been surprised so many times, I think I'm overcompensating by immediately assuming all the men in my life are gay. Still, even I, with my broken detection equipment, am tipped off to Levy's "qualities." (Watch and decide for yourself.)

It would be funny if this is the only time a lovely, winning, intelligent, joyous man who I think is gay is not. (Not that this is an issue. We wouldn't be "an item" if he were straight.)

Anyhow, as is my rule, until I hear it from him, I'm going to assume he's straight.

[Sub-topic: could I put an openly gay man on my husband list? Is that offensive? (I think so - it disregards his sexuality, which is unfair.) I take the list seriously, as you might know, and I think it would trivialize it if I didn't consider sexual compatibility. Still: NPH?]

Well, "The After Show" is going from a weekly show to daily (Monday through Thursdays) today, which is fantastic. More Dan time in my down time. And another potential Canuck member of my HL!


mel said...

Did you know his dad is Eugene Levy? I'd say that's another point in his favour.

Catherine said...

Yeah, I do know, but I didn't want it to seem that it was one of the reasons I liked him. You're right, though, that is a bonus. (Good Canadian Provenance)

Holly said...

Of course his dad is Eugene Levy - look at him!

Catherine said...

No kidding, huh? :)