Friday, July 04, 2008

Kiwis, Bison, And Poutine.

Trafalgar Square was quite the place to be on Canada Day. They opened at around noon, and the street hockey tourney started soon thereafter. I sat for almost 4 hours watching, with little breaks to get a Moosehead (not really my fave, but it was there), a bison cheeseburger, and to be charged £1.35 for a 56p stamp at a little souvenir shop (I went back and demanded the difference, which the cashier was not going to give me, but I told him he did something shifty and offered him a penny for 80p, which he gave me, begrudgingly).

Everyone was wearing red and white and Canada Day stuff, but all I had was my CBC exploding pizza, which I think I preferred because then only the Canadians would really know that I knew, and we'd have a little private joke.

The rock concert was the night before, which I am sorry I missed. The Trewes played, and so did Kathleen Edwards. On Canada Day, it was like Alberta barfed all over the stage. There were two country acts, which I should say, were very good, but not good party music, I declare! (Yodelling lady kicked ass.) Jian Ghomeshi was there as MC (and apparently he hosted Q in London all week), which was pretty cool for me and my CBC geekiness. I was afraid he'd spot me in my CBC shirt and I'd blurt out that I'd taken him off my Husband List because I thought he was a smug wanker. He was a good host, actually, and it was nice to see someone representing the Ceeb.

As I sat to wait for the show, I struck up a conversation with two kiwis. They (Helen and Jase) were living in Dublin but were visiting London. They were a funny pair. A champagne bottle spewed its contents in the face of a Londoner sitting next to me, so I offered him tissues, and had a nice chat with he and his wife, who worked in the building behind Canada House, which is on Trafalgar Square. I was also trying to convince the lady that was sitting in front of me to grow out her grey. She was nice.

Overall, the day was quite cool. I was a little lonely because I didn't have anyone to sit/chat with for most of the day, and I'm sure there were other Canucks in the same boat, but I was too shy to ask.

No fireworks. Next year, I would like to be in Charlottetown for Canada Day.

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