Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Green, Green Grass Of Home.

I love PEI in the summer.

I got home on Monday, and I'm afraid I'm going to hyperventilate I'm breathing so deeply. The air here is richer than in Ontario.

Last night I got home and stood in the driveway, just taking it all in. I could smell sweet grass and trees, bitter farmyard straw and manure, salt water from the Northumberland Straight, and summer's humidity.

The humidity isn't as incidious here, though, without the smog and crush of people and Toronto piss-whiffs. The air is rarely still enough for humidity to be opressive.

Standing in that driveway, I found myself asking again why I live in Ontario? Aren't some things worth a sacrifice? So I struggle to find work on PEI. If I have moments where I think I'm going to burst because it's so beautiful here, doesn't that tip the balance?

I've given myself three years in Toronto. That's not to say I'm going to force myself to stay, but I think three is a good number of years to get to know a place. (Besides, that's how long my phone contract is.) Hopefully by then I'll be gainfully employed for long enough to save a nestegg and make a move home.

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Anonymous said...

When we vacationed in the Maritimes that's one thing I noticed right away -- the air! It was hot but I don't think we broke a sweat once and the air was light and clean. We got back into Ontario and stepped out of the car and it was OPPRESSIVELY hot and sticky and humid and we were dripping sweat at once.