Sunday, June 15, 2008


This'll be quick. I've got 2 hours before I leave.

I quit my job on Friday. This is not because I disliked the job (teaching) as much as I hated that I felt like I was in retail, my integrity was constrantly challenged and undermined, and the administration was draconian.

So: how do you celebrate unemployment? By taking a month-long European trip!

I've added another date on my "Screw Those Kids" Tour '08! I'm going to see my old friend Sarah, who lives in Basel, Switzerland. Sarah and I have been in Europe together before: we were on the Singing Strings ISME '96 trip ensemble. This was when we coined the term "bread and crap" in Germany and Sarah chased defenceless rabbits on the lawns of a British Quaker private school near York. Defenceless save their speed. So... not defenceless, I guess...

I should go shower and actually put my belongings into some sort of carrier. And I have to finish stiching the flag on my backpack, of course.

I'll try to post when I'm away. Everyone hold your breath on that one!

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