Sunday, April 13, 2008

Time To Hurt Demon Feelings.

Oh, Evil Dead. I am so glad I went to see this musical again. It is as camp, as funny, and as bloody as I remember. I'd forgotten a lot of the gore.

The cast was actually quite similar to the one I saw last summer. Ash was the same, the same understudy was in for Linda, and Jake was the same actor as well. There was a new Ed, Cheryl, and a new Shelly/Annie. The actor who played Ash's sister, Cheryl, played Diana in Anne of Green Gables last year. To be blunt, I liked the performance of the earlier Cheryl better.

It was nice to see it with the girls from PEI, Laura and Lynda, who are both discerning musical consumers. They were laughing over all the parts I laughed over the first time I saw it, especially over the first line of the song "What the Fuck Was That?" T was with us as well, and hadn't seen it since he saw in preview years and years ago. He said there were some changes that he noticed.

It was raining all day yesterday, and when we got to the Deisel Theatre 5 minutes before cutain, we were surprised to see the doors not open. We waited with the rest of the audience for about another half hour, until they made an announcement saying they were having major electrical problems and had to call someone in. We went and got a beer and (on my part, too much) dessert and when we got back, we ran in just as the show was starting. I guess some people bailed with the delay, so we were able to move down two rows. Noice.

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