Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lights Out.

Despite today's doldrums, I will say that yesterday was good.

My housemates and I went to a circus of a mall somewhere north. B drove us all. All five of us crammed in a car. It was sweet, actually. I didn't like the mall, since it coincided with the onset of today's crankiness, but I liked being out with my housemates. I value the times we're all together. (As I write, I'm huddled in my make-shift room off the kitchen while the other 4 are in the attic, enjoying one anothers' company.)

Rambling. Must stop.

(Toronto at about the same time of night, March 29th and March 26th.)

Then, T and I met Mel, who was in town from Ottawa, and Alison, another PEIslander for supper downtown. We were there as Earth Hour began. It was cool to be downtown when the city dimmed its lights. Walking down Yonge was like walking down a dark alley.
We then went to a party of an ex-classmate to mark the occasion, and it all turned out to be a grand reunion of this summer's course! All but 7 of my 26 classmates were there, and I was so wound up to see them all. In fact, when I was saying goodbye to one of them, he requested I not hug him so hard that time 'round. (The Sweet ladies must have a genetic disposition for firm hugs; my mother once cracked my father's ribs in an overzealous hug.)

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