Sunday, February 17, 2008

Heaven On Their Minds.

If Alan Ruck was 29 when he played Cameron Frye, I suppose I have the potential to have a lot of great times this year. It is, after all, the last 300-odd days I will have in my twenties. Maybe I'll get a different job. Maybe I'll get a boyfriend. Maybe I'll get some confidence.

Thanks for all the birthday love this week! My ass thanks me for all the chocolate.

Lynda was here from Freddytown. We were going to go for supper and then catch a cheap movie (like hobos), but we were walking by the [artists' centre formerly known as the] Hummingbird Centre where I saw a marquee for Jesus Christ Superstar, two nights only. We thought they might be releasing late tickets, so we went in and they had seats left!

The big treat was, it was Ted Neeley playing Jesus! He was the one in the film and, of course, on the soundtrack. And yeah, he was older, but dude had pipes. He sounded great. There were some strange bits with the stage production, but I loved it.

This is one of those shows I forget just how compelling it is until I see it again.

I'd never seen a live stage production. There was one in Charlottetown a couple of years ago, but I missed it. It was sorry, too, because a friend from high school was played Jesus and be brought the house down.

Also, in a strange chance meeting, I ran into Bobcat and his wife from this summer. Lou, Bobcat and Victoria went to eat/drink after the show and we had a splendid time. Lynda had to catch a bus back to Mississauga and we three called it a night, but it marks only the third classmate I've seen since I left Minden.

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