Saturday, January 26, 2008

What's This Post Missing? Not Stage Directions!

Oh, no... since January 7th? Is that really the last post?


I want to officially announce that I am no longer going to apologise for not posting very often. I'm just going to post more often.

I'm at Holly and Murph's place now, in Kitchener-Waterloo, spending some R&R after a crap semester at work. I hope next semester is better, even though I have to teach some class called "Individuals and Families" and a photography class. The photography class should be good, but the Individuals class has a rep as being a bird course. I hope it is. Or, it will be by the time I'm done with it!

Holly is heavily in the family way, and it's nice to meet Murph for the first time. A pleasant chap, despite his Yankee roots. [Insert smiley emoticon here, were this a folksy email]

The big news for this post is:

On Thursday I'm going to have LASIK eye correction done. It'll take care of my myopia and my astigmatism. Yes, I'm very nervous, and more so as the day approaches. The free gift with purchase, though, is a complimentary Valium, so I plan to take it. It'll calm my nerves. Oddly enough, I think I ruminated over taking the Valium more than I did having a laser pointed at my brain. [Insert nervous laughter here, were this a terrible one-woman play]

Ok, I'm off. I have some serious sitting to do. I think I'm finally ready to see Borat, too, so I might take the plunge this weekend. I'll only be one year behind when I start saying "Wow-ee-wow-wow" or whatever nonsense everyone was spouting. [Roll eyes here, if I were one of my annoying 17-year old students]


Rosey said...

Good luck with your laser surgery! I'm a little jealous, to say the least. I'll console myself with my purple Jesus glasses. I hope everything goes well!

Catherine said...

Thanks, doll! I'm sure it will. My friend T will be with me, and Marilyn is coming on Friday to read to me. (Meaning: teach me the course I start teaching on Monday.)