Monday, January 07, 2008

The Red Fever.

Mercy. It gives me the vapors.

I happen to like Conan O'Brien's facial hair. There have been too many cracks saying it should go.

Here's the formula, geniuses:

Awesome Dude + Awesome Beard = Awesome times infinity.

Why the eff did it take me so long to find a pic of the new face 'do? I thought I was going to have to go with this one:

For the record, people who are thinking it: the beard does not make him look more like a leprechaun.

I'm back, safe and sound in Upper Canada. I can feel the soot accumulating in my lungs with each breath. I had a two hour delay in Hali because of the fog in Toronto, but the flight was good, I didn't get a hot whopper, which was my new flying fear. (Thanks, Jason Mulgrew, aka, The Worst Man on Earth. See sidebar links.)


Marilyn said...

Oh my God, I read abuot the Hot Whopper before coming home at Christmas and now live in a constant state of fear when it comes to flying!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I read the Hot Whopper blog entry a few weeks ago. . . As if I need ANOTHER reason to hate/fear flying. . .

[note: incidentally, while he may be the worst man on earth, he IS highly entertaining. . . gotta give him that]


Craig said...

Hey, I had this happen to me. Not much fun. Mine was not nearly as drastic as this man's, but it still brought tears to me eyes on the plan. It was a very, very strong pessure pressing on the teeth which called the left side of my mouth their home. I've twice flown since, and haven't had a repeat incident. Interesting to hear someone else with the same story.

Laura said...

Ashley witnessed my first experience with one of these (she might remember how I described it...). Fortunately, the advice from a stewardess was enough to keep them away on our next three flights! I had one on the trip home at Christmas (yes, back in Ch'town teary-eyed, in pain and slightly muddled was not the arrival I had been planning)...but I had nasal spray for the trip back and I didn't even have to think about ear, head or sinus pressure. Yay!