Thursday, January 31, 2008

Music's Where I Meet My Friends.

The R3:30 is one of my dearest discoveries of 2007*.

The R3:30 is CBC Radio 3's weekly indie music countdown. It is released every Monday as a free podcast. It is hosted by the wry Craig Norris and produced by the effervescent Pedro Mendes. Together, they introduce their audience to kickety-kick-ass new music.

The partner of my classmate from my construction course, Melanie, is a photographer for Radio 3, and she told me to check it out. I did, and so began a renaissance of dedication to CBC. Before this, I'd never seriously strayed beyond Radio One.

I have discovered so many new artists through this podcast. The Weakerthans, Numéro#, The Pink Mountaintops, Abdominal, Two Hours Traffic, Caribou, Pride Tiger, Abdominal (click on the image), The Russian Futurists, and Chromeo are only a few. It's nice to be stretching my Canadian music knowledge.

I have abstained from listening for the last three weeks so in the next few days when I'm recovering from LASIK, I can have some greatness to listen to. It was difficult, and now I am afraid I'm behind on some cool announcement. I'm banking the love.

The element of the podcast I especially enjoy the banter of the host and the producer. Oddly enough, more than once, Craig has pleaded with listeners not to skip ahead and only listen to the music. This is usually when there's an especially interesting Long Range Request, or if there's a contest announced. I'm more prone to do the opposite; skipping the music I'm not interested in or re-playing the bits in-between. Pedro and Craig behave as if they are infinitely exhausted by each other, but there's so much love. Pedro is an unabashed anime fiend and Craig likes to indulge in odd, wandering, tangential stories, sometimes about feet and butter. Anyone who knows me understands why this nonsense appeals to me.

Please, if you are a media consumer and want to try something different, fun, and distinctly Canadian, download an episode, become addicted, download back episodes, listen to them instead of sleeping, and then fantasize about what you'd say to get a job on the podcast. Or is that just me?

*Other new discoveries of 2007:
Flight of the Conchords (no, I still don't own the DVD...)
Evil Dead: The Musical
swiss chard (not a super hip band: I really do mean the leafy green)
Rock Plaza Central

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