Friday, December 28, 2007

Jiggedy Jog, 2007.

I've been home on PEI for almost a week and it's been a pretty busy time, although I haven't seen very many people yet.

Tonight is the annual Gingerbread House Building Party, which might be in its 10th year. Although I'm always afraid conversations will stray to mortgages and husbands and umbilical cords and so on, and all I'll have to contribute is how rad Zach Braff is, or that Sporty Spice looks so great with heavy bangs.

There was a guy using a snowblower to clear off the pond near my house. The kids from up the way play hockey there in the winter.

A lot of snow fell yesterday.

I got a couple of great books for the Christmas. I got this one from my brother-in-law,

and this one from my sister, which I think is ballsy to assume I didn't already have it. Anyhow, it has lots of great pictures (and isn't that all that counts?).It makes me want to get back into more and more designing.

I miss living here. I miss PEI and its pace. I miss being around my parents. I like the general sophistication (shopping, entertainment, transit...) of Toronto, but nothing compares to being home. I have one more week here, and I went to go to the north shore, the Gahan House, have a curry at the Churchill Arms, see my Confederation Centre people and some old friends.

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