Thursday, October 18, 2007

On The Eve Of My Election, I Say To My Reflection...

What a week.

I'm moved into my new place. Only B and I are in the new place right now, which is kinda great since we've not had a lot of alone time for years.

I'm still living out of boxes, but I'll soon have a very tall (239cm!) wardrobe to stow my clothes et al. in. I've been getting up early, working hard, going home, and sleeping. No time to unpack!

On Tuesday night, T's friend Nick was having a fund-raiser party. He's a director and he's about to start making a new film, so to avoid getting his name on every credit card available to man, he put together a night of entertainment and charged $10 to get in. It was a fun night, and I met some friends of T's that I'd only ever heard about.

Now, though, I've been wading my way through Elizabeth Kübler-Ross' wisdom while keeping my head above water at school. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday.

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