Saturday, October 13, 2007

Je Deménage Aujourd'hui!


Yesterday, I was zombified. My students wrote their midterms on Thursday, and the marks have to be submitted within 24 hours. I also have to tally up all their grades up to this point to send home report cards.

So, after a long day on Thursday, I made the mistake of taking 2 hours to myself to eat and watch The Office. I should have worked straight through. I marked from 10pm to midnight, and then got up at 4am to continue.

I was positively buzzing last night because I was so overtired. I was at school until around 6pm, trying to get ahead of myself for next week.

Because I move today, I won't get any prep done, and I have to work extra hard tomorrow - in my own place, nonetheless!

Marilyn and Mike are driving up from Ottawa with stuff I was storing at Aunt Jacky's (they're on the road now as I write), and are meeting me at T's place. Then, we're going to go to Ikea because there are no closets in my room and I need to buy a wardrobe. Then, I have to drop stuff off at the new house, drive to Anders' place with Marilyn's van, pick up his big items, drive them back, go for a lovey supper with the fam, and then collapse in a heap on my mattress, which may or may not be on a bedframe.

I hate moving. I've seen as more of a necessary evil in the last few years, though. I'm really glad I'll be moving into a home base, even though it's stupidly far from work.

Is deménager reflexive?

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