Saturday, September 01, 2007


Whew! I left Minden on Saturday the 25th at 8:20am. I got into Charlottetown at 11:30pm on the same day. I was pretty tired, to say the least, but there was a Confed. Centre 'do, so I eventually found the place and I missed it! Everyone had left about 15 minutes before I got there. It meant I didn't get to see one friend that was moving to KW, unfortunately, but I cought up with others later.

On Sunday, I saw Lisa, Paige, and Chris, went up to Savage Harbour to see my father's cranberry bog (which was positively white with berries - let's hope the frost doesn't get them!), and then Mum, Dad, and I went to the Confederation Centre for the Maude Whitmore Concert, where we met Jackie and Lisa for the show.

The show was fine. I've seen better Maudes. And longer, too. But still, one of my FOH girls won a scholarship to study dance, so I was pleased.

I bid adieu to Lisa and Jackie, who are both working girls in, as Lisa puts it, the least possible prostitute sense possible. There was a 'do at Mavor's and I spent some more time with my Centries, also in the least possible prostitute sense possible.

The next day, I did some running around and then Jackie called to say she was taking the afternoon off after an exhausting and successful presentation. We had lunch with Lisa and then did a little shopping. I was looking for a pair of jeans and a purse. I got a purse, anyway. One that looks a little too grown-up for me, but I should fit in fairly well with all the other city girls.

That night I hung out with my parents for a while, before a late-night outing with some other Centries.

On Tuesday, I saw Sobia for "coffee" and a great chat, and then got to see Anna before I went home.

On Wednesday, Mum, Dad, and I loaded up some stuff in the van and set out for New Brunswick. We stayed overnight in Pres-du-Lac, and then on through to Minden via Ottawa the next day, Thursday.

Dad and I finished packing and loaded the van in Minden, I closed up shop, and set out for Toronto. We arrived last night, went out for supper, and then I set about typing up a final report for my course.

Today, Dad left me and now I'm in the house all by myself. I always liked being alone, but it a little strange being in a friend's family's home when there's no one around. They're all up north for the long weekend.

It's good I have some alone time. I have to read read read in the next couple of days. I have to prepare for the classes I'll be teaching. Oh! I forgot to say: the school has given me a Religious Studies class! I'll be teaching a grade 11 world religions class, and I'm so stoked.

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