Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sweet City Woman.

Holy shit, I sure do live in Toronto. The classmate I live with scoffs when I say "Here's to not getting mugged!" before I leave the house, but there are a lot more people here, and therefore, my chances of being mugged, statistically speaking, are up. Especially compared to Minden. And Charlottetown.

Also, I find there are a lot of very good-looking men in Toronto, but I think it's also a statistical, density-based blip.

I struck out today to buy books for my classes so I can dog-ear them and write notes in the margins as if I have pored over them for weeks.

Yesterday I went to my school to check in, and, unfortunately, my grade 11 Religious Studies class has been cancelled due to low enrolment, but I've been put in with another English Lit. teacher's full class to help her. I like this plan, really. I will be able to watch the goings-on of an experienced teacher and see what I have to do when I'm flying solo.

Also, the principal said she was thinking of designing a grade 12 World Religions class, and I got all twitterpated and told her I'd love to have some input if it is needed.

So, to change the subject, my classmate, who I will call T (and maybe sometimes T-bone, simply because I think it's funny) and his father got home last night, so I was not all alone in the house anymore. It was nice. His Mum is home tomorrow, and then, next week, his eldest sister. It'll be a full house! All we'll need is a milkman, a paperboy, and evening TV.

And, to change the subject again, my friend Dafs assures me that having sexy dreams about Michael Cera is legal, healthy, and justifiable. Thanks, Dafs.


Tara said...

Ohh Michael Cera...I feel less dirty now that it has been justified. I think it's his awkward moments that seal the deal for me! On a different note, I am glad to hear everything is going well for you!

Catherine said...

I am almost 79% sure it was watching Superbad that put all these ideas in my subconscience. The other 21%? Yeah, that part makes me feel icky and there's no getting around that.

Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

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