Saturday, September 15, 2007

Me An' Captain Mike.

So, now that I'm living in Toronto and I'm a hip young urban professional (=cough=), I thought I should take in at least one TIFF showing. Marianne suggested we try to get tickets for Rendition (2007), and to her credit, the box office rep. didn't laugh in my face. I might as well have asked for a private audience with Clooney. (Ok, fine. I did that, too. But what if that worked?!)

Then, Mare suggested we try to get tickets for Captain Mike Across America (2007). I didn't know anything about the movie. In fact, I thought it was a documentary about Michael Moore, not a doc by Michael Moore. The tickets were $20, but this is normal for all the non-gala showings at the TIFF. The gala showings are considered the "premiere" and usually the stars and directors and producers and a lot of industry klingons are around. And they cost $40. There was no "gala" listed for Captain Mike, nor would I have paid double to see Michael Moore and Harvey Weinstein.

In the end, I got that for free! Woo-hoo?

Yeah, Michael Moore was there, and he introduced the film. Then, when it was over, he hosted a Q&A. He is as unassuming and amorphous in real life as he is on cellulose, and he was pretty transparent with his answers, so that was good. He also spoke openly about he's always such a Canada-lover.

The movie was ok. It was about Moore's 2004 60-city tour ostensibly prompting youth to vote, but really rallying support for people not to vote for Bush. (Or to vote for Kerry, but one can argue that point.) I hope most people watching his docs are media-savvy enough to recognise the manipulations he employs and what he chooses to leave in to serve a purpose. I won't see it again.

I'm kinda glad the film festival is over today. The media's been pooping its pants over all the celebrities in town, and they're all just scrambling to get soundbites that say any of the following:

a) "Canada's so beautiful and clean!"
b) "I love Toronto! Everyone's so polite!"
c) "The Toronto Film Festival is now the bestest film festival in the world."

Off to do some marking.

'Cuz I'm a teacher 'n stuff.

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