Saturday, September 15, 2007

Let's Play Ball.

Marianne and I went to a Jays game last night. We shelled out not the usual $11 but a pricey $32, which bought us tickets closer to the field.

And by closer to the field, I mean 2 rows from the field. I could have leaned over the boards and touched the first base line. (So, you can read from that description that we were pretty far from home plate, since it was almost where the 1st base line terminates, but still, Alex Rios was really close to us in right field.)

Still, the perspective was really neat. I like the $11 seats because you can watch the whole field and get the big picture, but where we were, I had to swivel my head a lot to see the action, and I found that when a batter got a hit, I couldn't follow where the ball was.

I have to say, the most fun was sitting next to Marianne crapping her pants every time there was a fly ball. We were so far down the 1st base line, it took a ball 2 minutes to reach where we were, but still, she was sure some sort of powerful line drive that was uneffected by gravity or friction would drill her in the forehead. I tried to explain that she would be able to see it coming and would be able to react, but this didn't seem to process. It was super funny. Marianne's great.

Maybe it was my fault. I suggested we go get a drink before the game, and she had her first pint of cider, which can do funny things to an initiate.

The Jays lost, which Mare and I noticed was strange. We think every other game we ever saw, they won. We lost 6-4 to the Orioles, who handed our asses to us for the who game, and we only got those 2 runs in single homers in the bottom of the ninth. Too late for a rally, boys!

So, the seats were a neat change in the p.o.v., but since it caused the Jays to lose, maybe we should go back to the nosebleed section. (Not that this will really change their standing this season. Mathematically, they could still be in the race, but realistically, no.)

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