Sunday, August 12, 2007

We've Got A Lot To Be Glad For.

On Friday, after only a couple of hours of sleep on Thursday night, a trip into Toronto and a CFL game, my classmates and I went to Lee's Palace to see a band called Rock Plaza Central.

I kinda can't believe I hadn't heard about this group before. It was an amazing show from this 7-member band (though one was missing on Friday). There's a violinist who plays trombone, a guitarist who switches to 'bone and banjo, and a trumpet player who switches to mandolin. I love the sound of brass, and these players must have been classically trained. Beautiful, rich, toneful brass sounds.

The lead singer is a writer and musician, and his lyrics are fun and thoughtful. I think the best part of their music is the positivity. It's very optimistic, with song titles like "We've Got a Lot to be Glad For," and "My Children, Be Joyful." He's also got some sort of horse fixation, which crops up often.

They have a sense of humour, too, obviously.

If you ever get a chance, take them in. I'll go with.

After the show, we climbed the stairs to a dance cave. I was totally not interested in dancing, since I was so tired I was pretty sure my eyes were bleeding, but it was like the DJ was the best wedding DJ ever. It wasn't gross dance club un-cha-un-cha-un-cha music, but great rock we could dance to in a non-meat-market atmosphere. Who knew this existed! I couldn't help but dance with my classmates when he spun "Under Pressure." Come on!

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