Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ring, Ring! Who's There? A Luddite!

This is a marathon post day because I've been leading a marathon life the last few days. See highlights in three other new posts, below.

I went shopping for a short while when I was in Toronto yesterday.

It was long enough for me to get a cell phone, though.

It's pretty scary for me. As I told my mother -

cell phone : me :: a mortgage : normal people

I don't know where I'll be permanently in Toronto, and I need a phone to look for work, so I hooked it up now while there were some good back-to-school deals, and I'll use it as my primary phone instead of hooking up a landline.

The poor salesperson didn't know what she was getting into when she greeted me. I had a lot of questions because I barely know how to dial a mobile, let alone own one.

I was hesitant to get a cell phone all this time because of the way so many cell phone owners behave. Taking calls at tables, not turning them off in shows and movies, and generally looking like prats while screaming into them.

(Fun game: next time you're around someone whose cell phone rings, see how long it takes for them to say where they are. It's usually the first thing someone asks when they call a cell phone.)


Holly said...

So, have you decided what to name your brain tumor yet?

Catherine said...

I don't plan to fall asleep on my phone nightly, like some people.