Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bike Riding.

Did you know I had to think pretty hard to think of the last time I rode a bike?

My landlady and landlord (landpeople? landcouple?) in England lent me an old bike in case I wanted to bike to work, but it was only about a 10 minute walk and the bike was pretty rickety.

Well, it was rickety, but I was also a little afraid to bike. It's a little outside of my comfort zone to go that fast.

I always say that curling is the fastest sport I'm comfortable playing.

Then, when I was working in the National Park a few summers ago, a co-worker brought a bike to the campground and I rode it around the sites for a little while. I felt a little out of control, but I was pleased that it all came back to me so easily.

Last week, a classmate and I decided to go to the local greasy spoon (a.k.a. The Only Game in Town) for lunch, but we were a little pressed for time, so I hijacked someone's bike and we pedaled it.

It was exhilarating! I wonder if maybe those other recent times, I wasn't as fit, so the biking was a little daunting, physically. I had to cross a couple of roads, and my biking partner was much more confident, but I had to stop and look.

When I dismounted, I was all shakey from the adrenaline. It took me a while to calm down.

Now, all I can think about is this supafly bike I saw up on Yonge and Eglington when I was in Toronto a few weeks ago. It had flowers all over it, and it had a bell, and instead of regular tire treads, it had flowers as treads! Flowers as treads, people!

Anyhow, it was stupid expensive (c.$650) and I still don't really consider myself a person who rides a bike, so it was a bit of fun to picture myself riding in a cotton dress with a baguette in the front basket.

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