Monday, July 16, 2007

Still No Compy.

My compy is baked (cracked motherboard), but my kind sister is sending me a new one. She is an angel (but she rarely wears a halo).

Went to Toronto this weekend with a classmate, and then to Coboconk, to see his family's cottage, which was really great, and very "Ontario Cottagey." I had a lot of fun, despite it raining and not getting enough sleep.

Holy shit, the last week was shit. Shitty shit. We had to present models for our designs, so a lot of us skipped working on the construction site to finish up our presentations, and then we got new assholes ripped [hyperbole] because we didn't show to help and the time is getting low. SO... on Thursday and Friday, to prove we all aren't slickity-slack n'er-do-wells, we worked our collective new assholes off, and then were B-E-A-T beat. A break from Minden is what I needed.

The website is pretty darn updated. There are some pics of me, but that's not the point, is it? It's to track our progress and learn. Learn, learn, learn. Learnity learn. Ok, I need a beer.

I'll update more when new compy arrives.

Oh, and I saw Transformers. It was shit. Shia wasn't, but the movie was. Three shades of shit. It expected as much, so caveat emptor, bitches. [I see I already mentioned my review, but I think it's worth restating.]

I saw HPV last Wednesday, and it was only two shades of shit. The scenes in Little Whinging were not shit at all. They were amazing; gritty, realistic (despite the Dementors), and moody. No surprise: Radcliffe writhing around, all sweaty, in bed makes me uncomfortable. Well, it will until July 23rd, anyway.

Sorry I wrote "shit" so much this post. I'm in a mood.

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Holly said...

I took your advice for what it was worth, and saw HPV for free (love that Internet). Boy, am I glad. If I had paid for that, I would have been upset. Blah. Just Blah.

People are better off re-reading the book. Or the Yellow Pages.