Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rise Again.

Marilyn and Mike came to visit me this weekend. It was a very nice change. I probably would have sat around waiting for laundry to dry, reading HP6 in prep. for HP7.

As it happened, Mike fixed my computer! It pisses me off a little that I paid some turkey in Haliburton $25 to tell me it was toast when it wasn't and he obviously didn't look very hard.

Now, I'm sitting, waiting for my laundry to dry, listening to Johnny M.'s Continuum on a loop and catching up on some socializing, paying some bills, and generally wasting time.

It was a really busy week again on the construction site. I was mostly working on the tongue-and-groove. (This is not as titillating as one might hope.) It's the kind of ceiling finish we're using, so for three days, I was balanced precariously on flights of scaffolding, waiting for lengths of board so I could use the air-nailer to tack them to the roof trusses. The company was good, but I was pretty nervous and unsteady. And sweaty.

On Tuesday, I went with two classmates to pick up the gothic windows. They are beautifully-made wooden window casings, and they're going to look great at the front and the back of the building.

That night, we went to see Ratatouille (2007), which was such a relief after weeks of seeing shitty, shitty, movies. I was bouyed by the fact that Rotten Tomatoes gave it 96% Fresh rating, which is almost unheard of. There were breathtaking wide shots of Paris that made me go all mushy inside. It wasn't really a kids' movie - it's just in a medium considered to be the realm of children's entertainment. (Yes, I know, the Simpsons and Family Guy and dozens others break this mould, but still, you know I'm still right.)

I forgot to say in my last post: I saw a black bear and two cubs when I was in Coboconk last weekend! It was on the dirt road on Sunday night, and I thought it was a big dog, and then when it went towards the woods, obviously a bear, and it joined two wee little cubs! So cool! The car's engine was shut off and I rolled down my window to see if I could hear them, and they were pretty noisy, ambling through the underbrush. Looking back, I probably shouldn't have rolled down the window, in case there was a rogue bear close by who would reach into my window and maul me to death, but I'm from PEI where we have no bears at all, so I guess that would probably put me on the front page of the Guardian ("Covers the Island Like The Dew.").


Holly said...

And it would be so worth it, to be mauled to get on the cover of that prestigious publication.

Catherine said...

Damn skippy.

Marilyn said...

Yeah, my sister is back because Compie is fixed! Yeah!
Thanks for a fun weekend Fern. Hope to see you again soon.
Love Marlibear