Friday, June 15, 2007

Under The Wire.

Phew! I almost left a two week gap in posting! That's nuts! That's not fair! That's not right or kind!

I'm sorry.


Sorry again. I just like the word fortnight.

My course is a little nutso, and then I went to Toronto for 5 days to see Marianne and Anders, and, as it happened, Sobia, an ex-classmate Joe, and a current classmate Chris and his wife, who doesn't get her own name, in true Bible tradition.

I have to write individual posts about my doings in the Big Smoke. But not now. I have to work on my design project. I've made a pdf of my sketch so far. Click here to check it out.


boots586 said...

The sun and sky are especially nice.

marilyn said...

Holy F, Grandad would be so proud!

Holly said...

That is quite a plan you have there... only why the sun appear to have a pupil?

Catherine said...

It's a teacher sun.

Anonymous said...

Now, as to why you're having trouble working out the specs on this, I have no idea. Looks like a pretty thorough design to me. . .