Monday, June 25, 2007

Big Times In The Big Smoke AND My Computer Is Broked.

My computer is broken, so this will be super brief. I'm on a
classmate's computer.

The Condensed Reading Week Narrative Company.
Starring Cate "The Bard" Sweet.

Friday: Got a lift to TO with kind roommate Kevin. Met with Marianne
with a minimum of getting lost. Ate paella at a restaurant, late into
the evening.

Saturday: Marianne and I went to the market, bought cheese. Then we
went to see Ocean's Thirteen. It was meh. Woman's plasticine face
distracted me.

That night Marianne worked, so while she slept the next day, I met up
with Anders. What day was it?

Sunday! Anders and I met at the Eaton Centre, and on a whim, popped
accross the street to the Canon Theatre to put our names in the
lottery for the matinee performance of We Will Rock You.

We walked in the door to find a young, handsome francophone man. He
asked us if we had tickets. We said no, and he said he had two that he
could sell us for $25 each. I thought he was a scalper, despite his
youth, hottness, and the fact that he was standing IN the box office.
Anders knew better. He recognised him as the lead actor in the show.

It turned out, the lead got his parents tickets but they couldn't go,
so we ended up buying his parent's seats from him for $50. Second row.
Of Awesome.

The show, which is a review of Queen music, was amazing. Well, I love
Queen and I love musicals, so how could I lose? I was a little afraid
that it would be all musical-y with jazz hands and

No. It rocked out with its cock out. Go see it (if you like Queen and musicals).

That night, Anders, Marianne and I met with Sobia for supper at a
mexican place. The quesidillia (sp?) left something to be desired, but
the sangria didn't! The news is, Sobia has decided to do her PhD! Big
good luck, there, ladybird!

Sobia stayed over at Marianne's place, so I crashed at the house where
Anders was housesitting. It was one of his co-worker's homes, and he
was taking care of the owner's spoiled cat, Henry. It was a pretty
nice cat, but I was saddened that it was taken care of better than I
am. Maybe I should find an owner.

Monday, Anders gave me a tour of his work. He works at Malabar, a
theatrical costume supply company. It was a huge warehouse with
thousands of costumes, all arranged in chronological order from
Biblical to late 1800s. It was amazing to see. I wish I could have
tried it all on.

On the way back to Marianne's place, I went to the Gap on Bay and
Bloor because they have all the bras I like, and Mare doesn't like
going there. I also bought sheet music for Desperado and the piano
book for Spamalot, which I regretted not buying in London.

That night, Marianne, Anders, and I met up again to go see Evil Dead:
the Musical. I heart this musical. It was amazing. It was the
antithesis of We Will Rock You. It was small, and made to look
homemade and crappy (but it wasn't), and oh-so-bloody.

The blood. The first three rows of the audience is called the Splatter
Zone, and although they give out ponchos, most people forgo the
protection, and, in fact, wear white. The cast was so funny about
spraying the crowd. If they were shot, stabbed, or otherwise maimed
upstage, they would stagger downstage and squeeze out their blood sacs
onto the crowd, who loved it. I was laughing very hard because of the
spectacle of it all, as you might imagine.

Having not watched any of the Evil Dead movies, I might have missed
out on some references, but I don't think I could have enjoyed it much
more. I wanted to see it because Shaun of the Dead references if more
than once (and Spaced, too), and I wanted to appreciate those
Wright/Pegg offerings all the more.

I've watched the first two Evil Dead movies since. They were very
good, in a crap way, and I'm waiting to see Evil Dead 3: Army of

On Tuesday, Marianne and I went shopping, somewhat unsuccessfully, and
went to see the Namesake, which was a lovely, bittersweet movie about
generations of Indians in America.

That night we met one of my classmates and his wife for supper at a
cheap Korean place up near the Annex. It was cheap, indeed, and pretty
good, too, until I saw a mouse run under my chair. I tried to be brave
and I finished my meal, but it distracted me, to say the least.

I came back to Minden on the Wednesday, taking the three hour bus
ride. I was glad to get back early because I had a huge presentation
last Wednesday.

I was ill-prepared, but I think I pulled it off ok. If I were talking
about Religious Studies, I might feel a lot better, but as a building
designer, I feel utterly out of my depth.

The worst part is, in the real world, a designer would hand plans over
to an engineer to figure out where all the mechanical systems would
go, and if it were safe, and so on, but we have to do all that stuff.
Our instructor wants to train generalists, which is better, I suppose,
than someone who only knows how to do one thing, but it makes it
harder! (And taking on a challenge is for chumps, right?)

Well, I spent most of this afternoon working on the website, so
hopefully by the end of the day, pictures from week 7 will be up.
Check it out in the linque du jour section, a la gauche.


Holly said...

Huh - this was actually one of your longest posts in forever.

mel said...

That's a really sexy website, I must say.

Anonymous said...

Evil Dead the musical kicked SOO much ass! I'm glad you got to see it, cause now when we meet up at home we can talk about just how much ass it kicked. You should see Army of is the best of all!

Dave Malogna