Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Triangle Of Math.

Today, a professional timber framer came to teach us how to do timber frame roof joinery.

It was pretty cool, actually.

I was expecting it to be dead boring, but it wasn't! This guy, Steve Smith, a professional timber framer, came in to teach us about the math involved with building a timber frame roof.

I heard the word math and all my alarms went off. I immediately got my back up and assumed I would be left behind. I'm generally math ath backwardth.

I forgot, though, that I have some sort of weird mutant triangle superpower.

When I was in high school, I was utterly left behind by algebra, but I could handle trigonometry instinctually. Hand me a triangle, and I could figure out its ins and outs without the formulas. (This was a pain, actually, because then I had to work backwards to show my work.) [Remember showing your work? Man! Can you imagine still having to do that as an adult?]

Today, I could rotate beams in my mind and see where the cuts had to go, and I watched my classmates struggle with it. I stood back and didn't say anything, because I didn't want to use the circular saw to make the awkward cuts. It took forever and we didn't stop for lunch until about 2pm.

Tomorrow: we're pouring the concrete slab! Wee! I say "wee" for the spectacle of it all, not for the concrete itself, which has stupid-high embodied energy compared to sustianable foundation methods, like rubble trench and earth bag.

That reminds me: on Wednesday, we're going to an earth bag workshop! It'll be great, although sweaty, work.

Finally: I saw Disturbia (2007) tonight. It wasn't crap! I'm not used to seeing suspenseful movies, so it was a fun change. It's quite stressful! It was obviously targeted at a teen audience. There was a lot of making out in this film (on the screen - don't get too excited), and I can't say there was enough. I like that Shia!


Holly said...

The adult equivalent to showing your work would have to be footnotes - something I also can't stand. I hate having to find references for things I just know from the decade or so of studying this stuff I have lived through.

Catherine said...

You're right. That's exactly it. I had the same frustrated feeling when I had to do footnotes!