Monday, May 21, 2007


I’m sitting out on my balcony now, straining every inch of my 50’ internet cable. I’m tethered with about 12 inches of cord out my door.

Oh, well. It’s a beautiful night. The Gull River is calm and all the weekend’s annoying motorboaters have all gone back to Toronto. There are lots of birds around here, and I’m watching robins, grackles, and some sort of swallow rip up and down the river. The willows are greening up, and there’s a flowering crab on my bank of the river busting into bloom. My tomato plant is also in bloom, so there's hope for yum if I don't lose anything to frost.

I just finished another stint of some whittling. That’s right: whittling. It’s hurting my fingers, though. We exchanged names of classmates for summertime secret friends, and I overheard my secret friend say she wanted a carved squirrel. WTF? A squirrel? Ok… So I bought an eighty-cent box cutter and got a piece of basswood from the construction site and now I’m whittling. Yep.

Next to me, on the other side of the balcony, my housemate Ryan is working on making a drum. He’s got a log of cedar that he’s hollowed out, and now he’s fashioning a lip out of cedar shingles that he cleaned out of the middle of the log. Next, he’ll stretch some sort of skin over that lip.

He’s kind of a quiet guy, but is very descriptive when he does choose to open his mouth. He shaved off his beard last week and suddenly looked like late-70s Jack Nicholson. So strange…

I love the point when you’ve met new people and you’ve kind of got them sussed. Ry is happy to sit in silence and work. So am I.

Oh, and he’s cooking a snapping turtle on his BBQ. Didn’t I mention that earlier? Huh. He went on a canoeing trip this weekend and found a dead roadkill turtle along the way. Apparently (and this is something about him I did not have sussed), he’s always wanted to make a ukulele out of a turtle shell, so when he saw the dead one, he snapped it up. Now he’s roasting it so it won’t be so disgusting to clean out later. ‘Cuz that would be gross.

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