Monday, May 28, 2007

Sorry, All.

I don't know where the week's gone.

I worked more this week on the construction site, and some more at the PR bs I have to do. I made information pamphlets, which still need some tweaking, I tied some rebar, I got a smiley-shaped sunburn on my arse, I hosted the first tour of the site, which went very well, I sucked at uploading pictures to the website (this week's priority), and I recorded a PSA about the tours. I kicked butt at that, I think, and the station manager took my number in case I wanted to do some more voice work for them. That's cool, I guess.

I have also learned how to play euchre (or at least I think that's how it's spelled). It's fun but I still don't know all the rules.

There's an election today back home. I'm glad I'm not around to do my civic duty. Municipal and provincial elections never stimulated me. I suppose I could have educated myself and looked into mail-away ballots, but sure didn't!

Today, the highlight will be mailing my passport application. Then, when I'm done this course, I can traipse off to Bali, put my feet up, and work on my melanoma.

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Anonymous said...

I love you Catherine...oh yes I do oo...I love you Catherine, and I'll be true...when you're not with me...I'm blue...Oh Catherine I love you. Hi love of my heart. That's's Anders...Anders B from PEI...the guy who doesn't do a good job of keeping on top of your blog...but here I am none the less. I was talking to Mom last night about the seems to be all the buzz around town. I also wish I had of looked into a mail away ballot or something. I need to start taking advantage of my right to vote and let my voice be heard in ballot form...hell no we won't go...hell no we won't go...oops...sorry...too Norma Rae. *Smiles* Miss ya and i'll talk to you soon. Lots of hugs and kisses.