Friday, May 11, 2007

Salad Days.

Living as a student again is pretty great. Why didn't I do my PhD? Oh, yeah - because that's shit. College is where it's at.

Preamble: There are two apartment units in my building; a 3-bedroom at the front and my 1-bedroom-cum-2-bedroom at the back. Sarah, P.F., and Ryan are at the front, and they are also our classmates. Our doors are always open and we wander back and forth. It's rather nice, actually.

Back to the student discussion:

On Tuesday night, my classmate Michał came over to cook up veggie burgers (he used to work as a chef). I made a chip dip (thanks for the inspiration, Gahan House!), and Kevin squished his hands in the burger mix, which was black beans, oats, potatoes, corn and other yummies. The next-door neighbours just hooked up a BBQ that they rescued from the dump, so our two households, both alike in dignity, became one. In fact, the rungs that separate our balconies were unscrewed so we now have one large balcony with a passageway. We rigged up some ribbon, I gave an inpromptu speech, and Michał, as the guest, performed the ceremonial cutting. If I get the video that P.F. took, I'll post it on youtube and link it.

So, there were 6 of us at that point: me, Kevin, Michał, P.F., Sarah, and Ryan. Then Chris, Maura, Serena, Justin, Tad, and Baz came over, all bearing food. They all live within a 5-minute walk. An unplanned gathering! Ok! Sure! We all ate Michał's excellent veg burgers, along with a spinach salad he made (I contributed marinated, grilled portobello mushrooms which were excellent), and then next door became a jam session. Ryan has a guitar, bass, and little drum kit, Justin brought his fiddle, and lots of percussion instruments were created from beer bottles. I played the electric bass! My fingers were raw by the end of it, but it came back to me fairly well. The frets didn't mess me up as much as I'd thought.

Well, that was Wednesday. On Thursday, my classmate Sebastian and his wife Yuki had a bunch of us over for a housewarming. They just moved into Minden and they prepared raw spring rolls, red and green Thai curries, and green tea direct from Japan. Again, a nice time.

I am feeling quite light these days. It's really beautiful up here. All the trees are becoming green, so standing out of the balcony is a real treat. We're kinda at a crossroads of the town, so usually, when we stand outside, one of my classmates walks by. We at least wave, if not invite them in for a beer or a sit-down.

Tomorrow are the workshops attached to the annual meeting of the Ontario Straw Bale Building Coalition (OSBBC), so a lot of us are going up to take in the experts' talks.

New Linque du Jour!

Next week, Thursday is pirate day. I have no idea how to dress like a priate while wearing a hard hat, a tool belt, and steel-toe boots. Ahrr.


Lynda said...

You have leaves on your trees? I'm so jealous. Yar.

Rosey said...

Pirate day! How awesome! Will you all talk like pirates too? We had a pirate party for a friend's birthday in January and it was the best theme party of the year. (I've learned that apparently librarians are very big on theme parties.) I think you should definitely have a bandanna.

Catherine said...

We all wear bandanas anyway! They're like hip sweatbands! But I found a colourful silky one at a thrift shop this week. I'll try to do something with that. Avast.