Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"Just Because" Gifts Are Great!

This past Friday, I missed out on a class trip touring sustainable houses in the area because I had to stick around the build site and do an interview with the local paper. And then on the Saturday, I couldn't go help build straw bale walls for a Queen's University research project because I had to go speak at a naturalists society regional meeting about sustainable building.

Both meetings went well, but I am sorry I missed those great events. It means that all this last weekend, I was home alone. I did some housework and a little homework, but it was very uneventful.

Yesterday: Monday, the first day back to the site after everyone's grand adventures. Chris, one of my classmates, places a long, slender cardboard box in front of me on the picnic table where I was unpacking my gear. I slid the contents out and I knew what it was before I unrolled it; I could see the word "police" on what appeared to be a bullit-proof vest. I got very gushy. The gift was uncalled for and very nice.

On the weekend, he went to a movie theatre that was giving away posters, and he thought of me when he saw this one (right). It is now on my breakfast nook bedroom wall. I thought I was beyond the phase of my life where I put up movie posters, but for this one, I'll make an exception. I like this one, too, but suspect it's not available in North America.

Wasn't that so thoughtful? Had I been talking about Simon Pegg that much? Probably. Maybe he thought this would shut me up. 'Cor, is he wrong.


Holly said...

The word "cinemas" and the lack of explosions does make that other poster seem very un-North American...

Catherine said...

I didn't even notice the cinema line at the bottom. I just didn't think Nick's PC helmet would fly in Dee-troit.

Marilyn said...

Moderate violence....really? My soft, fleshy under-jaw still hurts thinking of that movie.
That was very nice of Chris.

Holly said...

True, but the helmet could just be "hey - look - hees waring a funny hat!"