Sunday, May 06, 2007

It Was 7 Years Ago Today...

Seven years ago this weekend, Jackie and I were in Paris. I was living in Kent at the time and she came to visit. It was a bank holiday, so we zipped to Blackheath in my Mini to catch the coach. The entire weekend, Jackie survived solely on chaussons aux pomme and Fanta. The Louvre was closed because of the bank holiday, but we walked everywhere around the city until our feet were bloody stumps.
It was beautiful, with sunny days and even a misty Sunday morning with almost-abandoned streets. We stayed in a great little room up in the Montmartre district, which was definitely colourful. We walked up the Champs Élysées, got some shade in the Eiffel Tower, enjoyed some gaufres in a little park, and generally took it all in.

On the way home, we stopped into a duty-free-type place right before the ferry, where all the other coach passengers loaded up on wine. I didn't drink wine at the time, and Jackie still doesn't, but they had flats of cheap Fanta, so we bought one. They had expired, but how can pop go bad?

It turns out Fanta can go bad. It stings when it's gone off. I wager it's something to do with the real orange juice they use. Anyhow, on the ride home, Jackie knocked back some Fanta and finished her cache of chaussons aux pomme just in time for me to drive us home in my very zippy, low-to-the-ground Mini around the little narrow, twisty, Kentish roads.

We got home and Jackie promptly barfed.

I know I should write more about my mini-break to Paris, but despite all of that city's romance and beauty, Jackie puking up a weekend's worth of pastry and off Fanta will always define that weekend for me.


Anonymous said...

Living off of Chaussons aux pommes for three days was well worth the power puking that followed. One month and nine days until I get to do it all again…minus the zipping around in your Mini. Good times.


NorthernLight said...

It's funny what sticks with a person's memory... Only memory from my trip to Venice was the two oversized bottles of cheap red wine that an Aussie, a Manitoban and I stole and drank in "race fashion" on the beach followed by my first and worst ever hangover...

Puke makes thing memorable I guess! LOL! Glad to hear things are going so well for you and your course! Hope you get more days on the site!

Catherine said...

Jackie, I know you're going to try to relive our Paris adventure without me. Good luck! Don't puke!

Gillian, you're right: I might have been to a hundred parties, but the party with a puke incident sure does cement that party in one's memory. I guess the same goes for vacations! Thanks for the course props. I was on the site all day today. It's way more fun than working on the computer all day. Desk jobs are for chumps.