Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Brick Shit House.

Ok, not brick, but plaster.

My class has decided to use cow manure as a key ingredient in the plaster we're using on the project. It makes beautiful-looking plaster which is still vapor permeable, and the smell goes away when it dries. The smell is there while you're working it, though. Oh, is it ever there.

This week, I was developing my scoliosis and rickets while all my classmates were working outside. I was stuck at my computer, doing PR work, emailing out scores and scores of media releases. It's mind-numbing work, and I was finding myself very tired at the end of each day, but a bored tired, not a proper tired.

After some convincing, I didn't take my laptop to the worksite on Friday. Instead, I packed my sunscreen and a bottle of water. I had so much fun! I mostly worked with the foundation team, squaring up the form into which the slab will be poured. I swung a hammer and weilded a drill for the first time on the site, and had a lot of fun while sweating in the sun. I did do about 45 minutes of PR work with a rep from Fleming College, and it was decided that on Monday, I have to go record a PSA for local radio stations. I have a face for radio, so I imagine it'll be ok.

I didn't get a sunburn, either! Lilywhite Marshmallow Princess Me didn't burn being outside for 7 hours on Friday! Quelle miracle!

Last night I went to the local Thai place for supper. It was good, too. The pad thai is better on Kent St. in Charlottetown, and more affordable, too, but whatever. It was a good end to the week.

Then this morning I went to the town's greasy spoon for breakfast. I wanted a bowl of granola and yogourt, but that doesn't exisit here, so I got french toast, which I had to admit, was really good. I have granola and yogourt for breakfast every morning, anyway. Why pay someone else to make it for me?

This afternoon, Sarah, my neighbour and classmate, took me to the local dump. There's no local recycling pick-up, so I brought what we'd been saving up there and dropped it off. Then Sarah wanted to see if she could reclaim some windows from the dump for our project.

I have had two dump experiences in my life. Once was in the Annapolis Valley, and someone had just dropped off a dumptruck load of rotten apples and the smell made me gag. The second time, I was driven to a dump in Newfoundland to watch the bears. There were no bears today, but the smell started to get to me. It upset me, too, to see all the recycleable things in with the waste, and all the rubbish.

It made me feel better about what I'm studying, and I hope others start thinking about the waste they produce. Our trash doesn't just "go away." It is stored somewhere, and those places are terrible. Dumps, really.

Ok, let me just [little grunt] hop down off this soapbox. [brushes off hands] Right. Good to carry on? Yes.

This afternoon, instead of doing schoolwork or laundry, I re-watched (for the first time!) the second series of Spaced. It breaks my heart, it's so good. I makes me wish I were a talented, creative person who could entertain people with something I've written. Sigh.


Holly said...

Ah - bear watchin' at the ole dump! Who says Canadians ain't classy?

Marilyn said...

"Um, teacher....what's a marchmallow?"
I don't remember either of those dump experiences. Was I there? I imagine dumps smell as horrible as a hamster that was sent via Canada Post in a bubble wrap package being left at the post office over the weekend. Am I far off in that assumption? You let me know on Monday.

Catherine said...

You little shit. I caught that typo before your comment was even sent. I almost got away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!

BTW, you didn't notice that the last post was entitled "'Just Beacuse' Gifts..." all week. Sharp eye, my ass.

Where's your messiah now?

Holly said...

I thought that "because" typo was just to be clever... :(

And that sort of anal retentive behaviour runs in the family, eh?

Catherine said...

Hells, yeah! Sweets be representin', grammar-style!

mel said...

Uhm, "I makes me wish I were a talented, creative person who could entertain people with something I've written."

Why do you think we're all reading this blog honey? You're there, just on a smaller scale.

Catherine said...

I was being silly. I know I'm the shit.

But thanks for throwing me that bone, sweetheart.

mel said...

I'm just saying, is all. :)

Catherine said...

Thanks, Mel. You're my bright shining star. I'm being serious, but it's so hard to convey tone.