Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Weekend Of Husbands.

i) Husband List Member Number Two

So, I forgot in all the activity of my life -- and that's really saying something about how busy my life is right now -- that I didn't write about the John Mayer concert last Friday.

Well, he was great.

That's it. There's nothing more to say.

Well, ok, that's not true. There's so much to say.

John Mayer was amazing. He is shocking live. Shocking. I expected him to indulge in more blues guitar licks and extended dance mix solos, but he really didn't all that much. It was more a pop concert than a blues thing. And thank goodness, too, because all the teenaged girls probably would have risen up in some sort of looting-and-rioting thing.

Marilyn really enjoyed herself. She got the ticket for me for my birthday! Isn't that nuts!?

As always, though, there were two grade-A twits in front of us, and then in front of them, the filets mignon of twits. They kept blinding us with their camera taking constant pictures of themselves. How pointless. Twits.

ii) Husband List Member Number Fourteen.

The next night, Marilyn and I went to see Hot Fuzz (2007). I am not totally sure why it's getting more praise than Shaun of the Dead, which, as you know, I worship as its own life force. Perhaps the homage to the buddy-cop movie has a broader appeal than the homage to the rom-com/zombie slasher. I don't know how that can be true, but maybe that's it.

Rafe Spall is one to watch. He played one of the sophomoric detectives in Hot Fuzz, and was very good.

Still, I'm still confident in my decision to include Simon Pegg on my Husband List. He was great as the straight-laced Sergeant Nicholas Angel. And there was a trailer for Run, Fat Boy, Run (2008), which actually looks pretty bad, but I'll see it anyway, out of loyalty to my Husband List. I saw Solaris (2002), didn't I? Shudder.

POSTSCRIPT: I'm working on a second roster of the Husband List. It's for those gentlemen who don't quite make the cut in one way or another, but still deserve some attention. A poor man's Husband List? Certainly not. Consider it the farm team for the major leagues.

I need a name for The List, though. It can't be The Boyfriend List, either. That already exists. (Oh, I'm like one of those Russian nesting dolls. I get smaller and more pointless the deeper you explore.) I need suggestions, please.

In related news, I might shift one of my Husband List members to the Honourable Mention Husband List (not the official title). He's been bugging me.

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mel said...

I think Hot Fuzz is getting more attention because Shaun of the Dead paved the way. Shaun was more of a sleeper hit and people saw Hot Fuzz coming.

I also saw it last weekend and it rocked my world.