Thursday, April 12, 2007

Team Leader Sweet.

In a break again from class.

Yesterday we chose teams. The instructor divided up the tasks into 26 sections, and each student had to chose one team to be the leader of, and two to be assistant on. We all ranked out our favourites. I tried to choose between things I knew I'd be good at, like teams in the Administrative group, and things I'd like to learn how to do, like Solar Hot Water Systems, or Plumbing and Waste Managment.

Chris, the instructor, chose our names from a hat (literally) and let us pick what task we would be leading. I was probably about the 12th name called, and I was luckily able to get my first choice, Public Relations and Media. I have to put feelers out for media to do stories on us, design the class' website (last year's website), organise and prepare interpretive signage, design and prepare sponsor and donor's signage, do tours of the site (when possible), and have pamphets ready for spectators.

Oh. Did I not mention spectators? Yeah, this kind of construction draws a lot of looky-loos, and we welcome that, but it sometimes interferes with work, so the town of Minden has decided to erect BLEACHERS near the construction site. We are going to be a tourist attraction this summer. Like monkeys in a zoo. Or Box Officers at the Confederation Centre of the Arts.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to getting to work on it all. And, since I can do quite a bit in my down time, I think it'll leave me a lot of time to assist with other teams that I'm interested in. I'm officially assistant for the Flooring team, and co-leader for the Ventiliation team. (It's the lungs of the building!)

It's going to be so much work! I can't wait to get started on it all, though. Tomorrow my first assignment is due, as I think I mentioned in my last post. I have to address the class and educate them about my chosen company.

Yesterday, Chris read the riot act, if that phrase works. He told us all that this course is an insane amount of work and we will all cry at one point or another this summer. He said if any of us are even slightly entertaining the thought of quitting, it's better to get it over with sooner rather than later, because the later it gets, the more it screws over the rest of us. He said to come to talk to him if any of us had doubts. I wonder if anyone did? I didn't! I'm ready for the work! I survived McMaster grad school, GD it! I can survive anything!


Laura said...

Catherine, thanks for posting, things sound amazing - if rather busy! If you're going this whole "team sport" thing, having captains, assistants, and bleachers, I think you should try and get some pom-poms and jerseys made. And could you sell popcorn at the game/site?

As for Confed, you'll have to send along your address and we'll score you one of this year's backstage passes, worn by authentic Box Officers.

Anonymous said...

hi. Thought I would check to see what you've been doing for the last few days and --- there was nothing there! You must be very busy with your new tools, and stuff. If, on the other hand, you aren't busy, I could send you artist's names to research.

Everyone says hi.

NorthernLight said...

Monkeys in the zoo, hey!?
Well, maybe someone can be the "Man with the Yellow hard hat" to go with all the Curious Georges