Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Strong To The Finish.

I'm in my second day of classes. I'm LOVING the classes. Chris Magwood, the celebrity instructor, is just as cool as, but way younger than I thought he'd be.

My apartment is kind of a shithole, and I've been forced, once again (as is my tradition with apartments), to buy mousetraps. There's a long, dingy, dark-wood panelled hallway that opens out into an unnecessarily large living room. The room that is meant to be my bedroom is so dark and scary, my tools are going to sleep there, and I'm sleeping in the living room.

My landlord, so far, has proven to be a grade A wiener. I could go on, but I won't.

I bought a pound of spinach, thinking I could easily eat that much spinach in salads before it went off. Now, I'm dreaming about Popeye and there are antioxidant pellets in my urine. What did we learn? A pound of spinach is too much for one lady.

There's actually quite a bit of research and reports going on for this course, so today I have to get in touch with people at a green roofing organisation. It was my linque du jour late last year, so I think I'm fairly familiar with it so far.

The project sounds amazing. I thought it was a community centre, but it's going to be a museum! We even have to take into account the HVAC system, which is the same kind of set-up we had at the Confed Art Gallery to regulate temperature and humidity. The museum is going to house a collection of RD Lawrence writing and research. He was a naturalist and writer that I'd never heard of, but I'll learn a lot more about him in months to come.

I'll try to post again when I can. I'll hopefully have internet at my place soon. I'm hoping the phone'll be hooked up when I get home from school this evening.


Marilyn said...

Yeah! My sister! I'm so happy you're enjoying the course. Hopefully your landlord gets his act together soon. Only 10 days to Johnny!
Hugs and keep having fun!

Holly said...

I called on Sunday, but you couldn't answer. Wanted to wish you luck... So, LUCK!

Rosey said...

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying yourself, even if you've eaten too much spinach and have given your bedroom to your tools. Can't wait to hear more! Sending lots of love.

John said...

Welcome to Ontario, Catherine!