Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rock My Spot.

I don't buy a lot of new CDs, but I was compelled on Friday to splurge.

I decided to finally get a Scissor Sisters album, and since I liked "Take Your Mama" and "Laura" so much. They recently released a new album, so I got the both of them (after some hunting). The eponymous first album is great, and "Ta-Dah," the recent release, is fun, too. (Watch a profile with George.)

Lisa and Jackie came over for a night of Carcassonne and I played both albums on a loop. Their new track, "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" is so infectious, I love it. I didn't think I was so drawn to blatantly dancy-type music, but this is great stuff.

I was first drawn to "Take Your Mama" because it sounds like classic Elton John (c. 1970), and I love classic Elton John (wait for his "These Are The Jo(h)ns I Know" instalment). Now, it turns out that Elton is a fan of the Scissor Sisters and even acted as a producer for this new album. That, to me, is the best endorsement a band could ever get. I also hear Bee Gees, some George Michael, and a little dash of Robbie Williams from time to time. But, in all, they're all Scissor Sisters.

Anyroads, if you want a fun, rhythmic album to help dance away your life, pick up either Scissor Sisters CD.

Not you, Lynda. Only when you're less concussed.

(Oh, and also, the Scissor Sisters were the inspiration for the somewhat rude title of the the post on the 31st of March, 2007.)


Rosey said...

Dee gave me Ta-Dah for my birthday and I lurv it!

Lynda said...

Funny story: I love "I Don't Feel Like Dancing". A lot. Just ask Rosey or Michelle. In fact, it was the song playing on my iPod when my car rolled off the road. So yes, it may be a while before I listen to that song again. ;)