Saturday, April 21, 2007

First Fortnight: Check.

Ok. Sorry for the radio silence. This week has been insane. In one day, we learned about roof trusses, moisture theory, solar hot water panels, and photovoltaic cells. And then another day, we made sawhorses, standing outside in the sleet and rain. On Thursday, it turned into summer, so I have to stock up on the sunscreen.

The ball is really rolling on this PR stuff. But it's like a snowball. Rolling rapidly down a snowy hill. I hope it doesn't get away from me. It's going to take a great deal of organisation and forethought.

If anyone wants to buy a bale in our building, they're $10 each, and you'll be recognised on the wall, forever and ever. We're going to use around 500 hemp bales, so it's a limited chance to be involved. (Buy two or more, and there's a tax reciept in it for you. Wink.)

I also have a roommate now! His name is Kevin and he was a late addition to the class. Housing in Minden is really limited, and I had the room, so I am now splitting the rent. I liked the idea of living on my own this summer, but I didn't like my rent, so this isn't much of a concession. And Kevin is great so far, so I think we'll be fine. I somehow feel like I'm cheating on Jeremy, though.

On Monday, we start construction. The foundation team has already been working for 4 days with the excavators and helping in-fill. The site is on a bog, so there are some special considerations to build a solid foundation. We have to use helical piers, which have much more surface area than poured concrete piers. Both have a ton of embodied energy, but we have to balance building a sustainable structure with building a durable structure. It's no good to put in untreated local windfall lumber that's going to rot in 7 years, so we must make allowances.

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