Tuesday, April 03, 2007

3 The Hard Way.

Three posts in one day! All y'all's heads be 'splodin'!

I'm off to Ontario tomorrow. I leave at around 3pm. I'm not anywhere as packed as I should be, and I still need some things off my list.

I really don't know what the internet situation is going to be like for the next five months. I hope to have it in my apartment, but I don't know. I'll try to keep in touch, if not by blog, then email. Facebook is not going to be a big priority, sorry. I am also a big snail-mail aficionado, so I might resort to that.

Anyhow, loves to all of you. I hope the next five months treat you well.


Rosey said...

Good luck Catherine!

Holly said...

You know, there is also such a thing as... what's that thing called... Call? Yes. The PHONE!

And I happen to know someone with a really great long distance plan. Just saying, is all.

Now, as to how to arrange times and days for these phone calls without the net... Pigeons?

Holly said...

Oh, and "Good Luck!" from me, too.


mel said...

Good luck, good luck we all wish you good luuuuuuck!

Bonus points if someone gets the refernce. It's may only be difficult if you don't pick up on the tune in which it's sung.