Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Playing Dressup.

I got my work boots. They're a combination of orthopedic and Munster. I tried on a lot of pairs. Since I have size 11 feet, they didn't have any ladies' boots in my size, so I had to try on all the big, wide, mens' boots. While the length isn't bad, the width in most of them are too generous. I wouldn't wear narrow shoes, normally, but my feet are slightly narrow, so the men's ones are too big around, so I have to pull the laces extra tight.

From now on, though, if I'm going to spend $100 on footwear, I want them to be prettier.

Last night, Lisa lent me her husband for a shopping trip. Chris and I went to Canadian Tire and Home Depot and I bought almost all of the tools I need. I still need a hard hat, eyewear, and ear protection and some other misc. things, but I checked off most of my list. (See below in green.) It was nice to have someone around who, with experience, knows with what tools I can go cheap and which ones I should pay for quality. Also, there were some things I just couldn't find because I didn't know what they are. He also lent me side-cutters, lots of bits, a measuring tape, and he's trying to dig up an extra respirator, which will be a big help for my budget.

Today I'm going to give blood, and tonight is a curry and movie night. I'm slowly boring through my schoolbooks, but it's way more fun to design homes, so that's what I've mostly been doing in my spare time.

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