Friday, March 16, 2007

Fine Art And Power Tools.

Today is my last day at the Gallery. I'm pleased that I'm winding down my time here, but I'll miss my co-workers. They're really geat people to work with, and they're a lot of fun, even though they are very busy.

On Wednesday, Ben, the Preparator for the Gallery, showed me how to use a circular saw! I'd never held one, let alone operated one, so I was terrified. He rigged up a scrap of a 2-by-4 and I made two cuts. Nothin' fancy. They weren't totally straight, but that'll come with practice.

Then, when I came in on Thursday, Ben had brought in his spare circular saw from home to lend to me for the summer! It's heavy, but by the time I'm done using the saw for the foundation and the framing/roofing, I'm sure all that hoisting will be great for tossing around strawbales like they're pillows. It's a huge help, because I was budgeting about $150 for my own saw.

I'm afraid to use power tools. I have started to have nightmares involving Tarantino-quantities of blood and loss of digits. I know it's good to have that kind of fear, because recognising that they have a lot of dangerous potential will keep me from getting complacent around them. When I was a Teaching Assistant, I didn't even like using an overhead projector. Jesus.

Yesterday at our weekly staff meeting (held, coincidentally, in Mavor's during happy hour), my co-workers presented me with a 4-foot level, a utility knife, and a sack full of pre-owned nails and screws to re-use in my future building projects. It was so thoughful, I love my presents. Now everytime I check to see if a beam is perfectly horozontal, I'll think of my good peeps at the Gallery.

They've been very encouraging about this course, and have been telling me that they're proud of me. I just hope I make them proud, too, and I'm not wasting my time. (I know, I know... any new thing learned isn't a waste.)

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