Wednesday, March 14, 2007

By Popular Demand.

It's not really popular demand when one whinging friend asks for it, though, is it? Is it, Holly?

Here's the list of tools I'm meant to have for my course. I don't recognise what everything is, but I'm getting better. I went tool browsing last night, and I was quite overwhelmed. I think I've got some of it sussed, but other things, not so much.

The Good House Book, by Clarke Snell.
Green Building Products, edited by Alex Wilson and Mark Piepkorn.
More Straw Bale Building, by Chris Magwood, Peter Mack and Tina Therrien.
Design of Straw Bale Buildings, by Bruce King.

The following is a list of tools that must be owned by each student prior to the outset of the building phase of the course (April 23, 2007). We will hold a “tool day” during the second week of the course to ensure that each student is properly equipped, and to study tool use, safety and maintenance. Be sure to mark your tools in such a way that you can easily identify them.

Personal Gear
-CSA approved safety footwear
-Hard Hat
-Safety glasses (1 indoor, 1 outdoor)
-Ear protection (if using ear plugs, multiple replacements required)
-Gloves (1 pair durable, 1 pair waterproof)
-Sun screen
-Adequate work clothing
-Tool belt
-Respirator (cartridge style, not paper dust masks)

General Tools
-Drafting kit (incl. drafting pencils, eraser, ruler, T-square, 11x17 graph paper and construction calculator)
-Portable tool box, lockable
-Cordless drill or impact driver 14.4v or 18v (with 2 batteries and charger)
-Good selection of drill bits, incl. 12 #2 robertson bits in various lengths, high-speed bits, wood bits and optional spade bits in a variety of diameters
-Circular saw with carbide tipped blade, with 1 replacement blade and 1 metal cutting blade
-Minimum 25’ x ¾” Tape measure
-Framing square
-Speed square
-Bevel square
-2 foot or 4 foot level
-Torpedo Level
-Screwdriver set
-Minimum 20 oz hammer (not a hallow shaft)
-Nail puller/Cat's paw
-Chalk line and chalk
-2 Utility knives and replacement blades
-Staple gun or hammer tacker
-Tin snips
-Set of Chisels (ex: 1”, ¾”, ½”)
-Pliers, side cutters, channel locks, vice grips, adjustable wrench
-Clamps, min. 12” (so far I have: one 12'', one 36")
-Hand-saw or pull-saw and miter box
-Heavy-duty scissors
-2 paint brushes
-Bag of rags
-6 Carpenter pencils
-3 permanent “sharpie” markers
-14” Pool trowel (rounded edges)
-14” square trowel (Additional trowels may be desired (indeed, lusted after), incl. 8 or 10” pool trowel, a brick layer’s trowel, pallet knife, magnesium float and various specialty sized and shaped trowels)
-Site notebook or clipboard

Advanced Tools
These tools will not be required of students, but are recommended for those who intend to continue performing general house building duties beyond the scope of this course. These tools are not included in the cost estimate for course supplies.
-Half-inch hammer drill and masonry bits
-Reciprocating saw (“sawz-all”) with wood and metal blades
-Jig saw with variety of blades
-Hand-held electric planer
-Belt sander
-Angle grinder (min. 4.5”)
-Miter saw or radial arm saw
-Table saw
-Bolt cutters
-Socket set
-Air compressor and selection of air tools

Specialty Tools
Some phases of construction will require specialty tools. The program will supply these, but those interested in pursuing specialty fields may want to consider purchasing their own:
-Pipe/tubing cutter
-Propane torch and lighter
-Wire strippers
-Soldering gun
-Pex crimper

As you can imagine, I'm going to stick to buying the general tools, as I have to get almost everything new and going above and beyond would be prohibitively expensive.


Anonymous said...

it is an additional expense but consider the jigsaw. it's a useful tool if you are serious about being involved in the construction side of bale houses.

Tara said...

Wow, even the required general tools/safety gear sounds incredibly expensive! I can just picture you on the construction site, all decked out in your CSA approved Personal Protective Equipment! That aside, I am very excited for you and can't wait until things get underway, so we can hear all about it!

Catherine said...

As for the non-essential items, I'm going to see with what frequency we use them on the work site, and then make decisions after that.

And Tara, I was surprised by some of the prices of things. The coveted trowels, for example, where silly expensive (in my opinion), but other things, like eyewear and tool boxes, weren't so bad.

Anonymous said...

try registering at Canadian Tire and so friends and family who want to get you a "going away" gift don't load you up with crap you don't need.

Holly said...

Ok - BOLT CUTTER? You all *are* planning on paying for your materials, aren't you? Or will we here of daring nighttime raids on supply center storage yards at night?

Catherine said...

Now, remember - there are three levels of tools here. Only the first tier is bare necessity.

I like the idea of registering, but I really can't count on my friends to buy me carbide-tipped circular saw blades. I'm not saying they're cheap bastards, but what kind of friend wouldn't splurge on carbide tips! Damn it!

Holly said...

Shows what you know! I just had my finger on the "place Order" button, but now you get no carbide tips from me!

God day!

Holly said...

That'll teach me to preview: Gd Day = "Good day!"

What am I? Texan?

Lynda said...

Yay for earplugs! Let me know if you need help picking them out...

Catherine said...

Thanks, Lou! I was going to wad up some Kleenex, though, so don't worry - I've got it sorted.

Laura said...

Oh Catherine, this list just made me realize how REAL this really is. You're not going away to school, you're getting prepared to learn how to BUILD HOUSES. And that's very, very cool...

Maybe you don't have to register at Canadian Tire, but you should get one of their credit cards. The points you gain can be used to pay for some of the 'optional' tools down the road...and Home Depot might have a frequent buyer card with a discount on first purchase or something (yes, yes, we're always renovating something at my house!)

Rosey said...

The Canadian Tire credit card is FANTASTIC! Michelle convinced me to get one and I haven't looked back since. I would highly recommend it!