Sunday, February 04, 2007

That's No Moon.

So I was geekin' it up on Friday, trying to avoid working. I had been given the task of researching and cataloguing an unknown artist's 19th-century sketchook that was in the vault but not properly documented. It was a long, fiddly task filled with measurements and a magnifying glass, and even some German translation.

I was alternating work on that sketchbook with reading about the heirarchy of Jedis, midi-chlorians, and the Jedi Temple, and then I read up on the Great Jedi Purge of 19 BBY. I was going through all the Jedi Masters who were killed, and I noticed that a lot of the links were not to Wikipedia pages, but to Wookieepedia. Wookieepedia!

First of all, whoever coined the title is a genius, and second - can you believe this exists? I guess I can. I mean, I was curious about midi-chorians, and I know there are much bigger Star Wars fans than me. Much bigger.

After (one of the times) I saw Episode III in the theatres, an old friend sat me down and walked me through the politics of Star Wars. I wasn't really sure about all the intrigue, and it helped.

The funniest part of trolling through Star Wars stuff on Wikipedia was finding this quote: "Supreme Chancellor Palpatine (alias Darth Sidious) greatly influenced Anakin, tending to the dark fires within him and converting him to the evil order of the Sith as Your Mom. Anakin eventually fought a battle with his former friend and mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi."

It was a good reminder of what I was reading, and how unreliable it is.

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You are so effing cool.